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A whole lot of Memphis with a Carolina twist!

Piglet Products and more

Holiday Special $20
free shipping, too!
1  bottle of original Knuckle Lickin' Sauce, 1 bottle of Sweet Habanero Sauce, 1 shaker of Rub Me Tender dry rub.  
to order holiday special email: [email protected]

Go Big Orange!  We've added another piglet product to our line up!  "Rub Me Tender" seasoning rub.  Goes on pork, chicken, or seafood.  Sold locally in Mooresville and on Amazon. 

Rub me Tender dry Rub
1st run of Knuckle Lickin' Sauce

First Run

Her updated digs

Knuckle 2.0 - same great taste, new look!

The Big Orange Pig presents...

Our very own signature

 Knuckle Lickin' BBQ Sauce!  You've tasted it and love it and NOW you can buy it! 

First Bottled  2015

2nd Bottling 8/2016

Order yours today!  

Our first piglet product!

Knuckle Lickin' BBQ Sauce, regular or sweet habanero

Buy yours today- order from Amazon below or call the restaurant 704-746-9173.  Get one for you and one to share.   Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.